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Maharashtra as an Educational Destination

Updated on: Mar 20, 2013
Maharashtra, the third largest state of India in terms of area and population, is also known for its excellent educational facilities in pre-primary, secondary as well as higher level education. Out of its 35 districts, Pune is ranked as the top educational destination of the country. Apart from Pune, districts like the state capital Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Ahmednagar etc are the places where a number of educational platforms are located.

Before joining the first standard a child attends a pre-preparatory school, also known as pre-primary or Montessori school for a period of three years. Montessori preschools concentrate on the overall development of the child. The role of teaching in Montessori schools is to observe the children and guide them towards the activities that interest them most.

Schooling in Maharashtra starts at the age of five. All schools in the state are managed either by Municipal Corporation or privately by trusts and individuals. All the private schools or municipal schools are affiliated either with Maharashtra State Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board or the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) boards.

Students entering XI

The SSC examinations prove to be the initial gateway to an individual’s choice of a career. Science, Commerce, and Arts are the three different options after SSC. To pursue a career of their choice one should choose the appropriate option after identifying their area of interest. More…

Advice for Students Entering XI

Students after XII

The second gateway to achieving the career of your dreams opens after the student has completed his/her HSC or Higher Secondary School Certificate. Hence, a lot depends upon the marks obtained in this examination. It is a known fact that the prestigious and reputed degree colleges of Maharashtra are very particular about the cut of percentage for any course. One needs to spent ample time preparing for the std XI examinations so as to secure a good enough grade and get into the course and college of their choice. More…

Advice for students after XII


The basic mantras for success are very simple and easy to follow. After passing the SSC examination, youngsters need to tighten their boots and go for a career option that they know will intrigue them in the long race and will benefit them comprehensively. All you need is a plan and a cool head to begin with. Not just the completion of your portion, but also the brushing up or the revision of your portion is extremely important for the right preparation. Sticking to the plan with discipline, consistency and determination is the first step towards success. More…

Mantras for Success


There are several courses related to different streams of education like Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical, Computer or IT, Management, Mass Communication, Humanities, Armed Forces, Designing and other professional courses. It is mandatory for a person vying for these choices to have garnered complete knowledge about them before trying to pursue them. More…

Career Options

Final Path:

For a student of secondary education (10th) and senior secondary (12th), it becomes a difficult task to arrive to a conclusion regarding the type of subjects they should choose. Ditto for the type of preparation they’re going to need. More…

Selecting The Final Path

Self Evaluation:

Lacking of self confidence closes the steps to a successful career. It is the foremost element to the ability to reach one’s dreams and goals. All confidence related issues of a person are in his/her mind and it the first step towards understanding them is self-evaluation. More…

Career centre-self evaluation

Successful Career

Ours is a day and age of fierce competition. Youngsters are bound to feel the pressure of emulating their parents’, neighbours’, friends’ and relatives’ success at their respective jobs. However, before blindly aping your near and dear ones, it is necessary to make a self-assessment. Before planning your career paths, it is essential to give a good thought to the kind of person you are and what constitutes your current values, interests, abilities, talents, limitations and other personal traits. Once you’ve spent ample time figuring these out, you need to go in for educational counselling or simply seek the help of an educational guide, carefully analysing the plethora of options available in your city, state or country. A number of academic possibilities that lead you to your desired career are awaiting you, all you need is to make a detailed study of the same and match them with what interests you the most, not just for the present but for a long time to come. Weave your career dreams around your personal merits, de-merits and long-term concerns rather than anything else and get set to embark upon a long and fruitful academic and work life. More…..

Embarking Upon Successful Careers
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